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Military, Brass and Pipe, are the featured types of bands you'll find at our music department in the Video and DVD sections.

Each year, the Edinburgh Festival brings its famous night-time Tattoo to the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. And each year's performance is available here.

For lovers of ballroom dancing we offer a large collection of CD's and audio cassettes of the great names of dance bands: Carrol Gibbons, Lew Stone, Henry Hall, and many more.

Music for parties, sing-a-long and even a sing-a-long Gilbert & Sullivan.

For free details of any of our music listings, including cast, Director, and a brief synopsis, just E-mail, FAX, or telephone us. (Limit five titles, please.)

View our collection of videos for purchase or rental.

To view our sales and rental lists you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To download the free Acrobat Reader go here.

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